Oxicomics Authoring Tool


To make it easier to start using our HTML5 Comic Reader, we have created a few PHP scripts that should make the job much easier:

  • getgsv.php – creates the comma-separated list of page images needed for the Oxicomics Authoring Tool
  • fillcache.php – Creates resized versions of all page images
  • imageproxy.php – Used for retrieval of page images by the HTML5 Comic Reader. Will update resized versions of page images if they have changed since they were created
  • function.resize.php – Utility script that performs the actual resizing of the images

For obvious reasons (this being PHP scripts), you will need PHP installed and running on your server.  The scripts also assumes that
ImageMagick is installed (installed on mist shared hosting services like HostGator etc).

You can download the Oxicomics PHP Tools here and instructions here.

When you are ready, you can start the Oxicomics Authoring Wizard.

HTML5 Comic Reader


We have published a demo of our HTML5 Comic Reader and would love to hear what you think about it.

It runs on iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (phones and tablets) and on Windows/OSX/Linux in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE9 (Windows only).


  • Full Page and Panel-by-Panel reading modes
  • Supported touch gestures (where applicable) like Swipe,Pinch and Tap
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, StumbleUpon and all other social networks supported by AddThis